Another reason to Volunteer

Read this great article on Mentoring by Jaime Diaz from Golf Digest!
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Becoming a Volunteer

Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely not only on the donation of equipment, but also the donation of time.

If you are interested in serving in some volunteer capacity with The First Tee of Cleveland, please contact...
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Volunteers 2012

The First Tee of Cleveland is grateful for the support of these individuals. Volunteers are an integral part of the program and we are most appreciative. We hope that you, too, will consider becoming a volunteer. Thank you.
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Coaching Philosophy

Empower youth, Activity Based, Mastery-Driven, Continuous Learning – Learn about The First Tee’s coaching philosophy.

Empower Youth
  • Become Youth Centered
  • Encourage positive relationships with adults and peers
  • Focus on developing the Whole Person
  • Get to know each individual’s goals in golf and life
  • Kids don’t care what you know until they know you care!

    Activity Based
  • Doing versus Telling
  • Engage participants in fun golf related activities
  • Teach skills that are used in golf and daily life
  • Fun environment that encourages participation and enhances self worth
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    Requirements of The First Tee Coach

    Exposure, Application and Mastery – Learn about what it takes to be a The First Tee Coach.


    • Get to know The First Tee programs
    • Attend training sessions
    • Read the materials
    • Participate in onsite delivery


    • Focus on experience
    • Help others become proficient in delivery of the Life Skills


    • High degree of proficiency in all elements of the Life Skills
    • Capable of teaching other coaches and volunteers
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    Home Office Highlights